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Finally, after a 6-7 month hiatus in which I wondered if going crazy would be the best decision I would ever make, I have made a new film! It has comedy, action, DANGER, horror (not really), and all that jazz*. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Please note also, this film wasn't supposed to be something of the highest quality. I just really needed to film something, and this is what I came up with. I had a blast making it, though.

* wrote:

Slang. similar or related but unspecified things, activities, etc.: He goes for fishing and all that jazz.

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I was expecting action danger horror and jazz and found neither. mini/sad


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Hahaha! That was so random! I found disco and horror music, but no jazz.

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The kick to the boom box was awesome! Great job.

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Your animation sure is perfect. I could watch the radio kick all day.

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you are forgiven
reading now scares me from fear of the disco... mini/jaw
nice animation tho

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Possibly the best Lego dancing I have ever seen....



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Moo-C-J wrote:

The kick to the boom box was awesome! Great job.

yeah, your animation is great ! and disco is awesome...

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That was some of the smoothest animation I've ever seen!I don't like to reiterate what others have asaid but,wow!


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Awesome. Great. Loved it. Great animation.

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