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A True Hero (BRAWL Entry)

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The theme of the contest is "kairos" which means an opportune or decisive moment. As hurricane Brick approaches an opportune moment arrives.

Re: [BRAWL 2018] A True Hero

Congratulations on finishing your first BRAWL!

I was quickly charmed by the "classic brickfilm" vibe from the old-school 4:3 aspect ratio, and the running animation fit into that perfectly. (I especially loved the shot at 1:23.) Ever since seeing in in Smeagol's Unrenewable, I've loved practical effect of real water on minifigures when paired with digital rain, and while I didn't notice the first time through, subsequent watchings revealed that you actually flooded the set at 0:23! That's awesome. There are so many shots with real water, and I'm impressed that you kept up the effect all the way through. Now, the overlayed rain effect does break down when it covers even the black bars on the side of the screen, and the interior set at 0:52, so you may need to play with your aspect ratio settings next time you use that. I like the road set a lot, though some of the interiors feel a bit plain in comparison.

This year's BRAWL had a theme of "kairos" and while the decision/opportunity is obvious, it could have used a lot more build-up and emphasis. It seems like the character doesn't really even think about it much, but simply acts mere seconds later. Perhaps a cinematography change could have helped, inter-cutting close-ups of his face with the destruction, and trying to show him assessing the danger to himself to go out, but also the danger of that man already out there.

Still, I enjoyed the film, and appreciate the chance to voice act for it.
Again, great job on the practical effects and successful entry into BRAWL!