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Benny n' Lee in: World of Poorcraft II


While Benny becomes engrossed in a new video game, Lee tries to uncover what strange event took place earlier in the day. This is the spiritual successor to Benny n' Lee in: World of Poorcraft, which was created for the first ever Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 10 years ago in 2008. You do not need to have seen that film to watch this one. Here it is anyway.

This film was made in one week, including the original soundtrack by Blue Ghost, who had to work to various unfinished cuts I was sending him that were missing entire scenes. The third act of this film was created within the last 24 hours.

Re: [BRAWL 2018] Benny n' Lee in: World of Poorcraft II

Good to see Benny and Lee back. mini/wink

Re: [BRAWL 2018] Benny n' Lee in: World of Poorcraft II

Oh my stars! mini/lol

This is great.

Yet another beautiful installment in the series. The premise is great, the video game concept is absolutely hilarious, and the ending/reveal is so classically Benny n' Lee. It's hard to imagine this being made in a week; it feels far more polished and perfected for that. Just about every line was hilarious, and every joke was executed/delivered well. Although the " in-game store" and the resulting chaos took the cake. (And it seems all the furniture too...)

Just one minor thing bothered me...

Spoiler (click to read)

Perhaps I didn't catch it, but I don't understand why the Skeleton wasn't feeling well. Was he sick from the disk too? I never saw him lick it...

Anyway, great animation, hilarious story, and skillful execution. It would have been nice to see more in-game footage, maybe a short clip of actually spending money, but that's a reasonable exclusion considering BRAWLs time limit.
Yet again, you nailed it. And now please excuse me while I run off and watch the original Poorcraft.
Best of luck in the judging.