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An Arresting Development


Ben and Andy make a huge mistake and get taught a lesson to always read the note someone leaves. Loose seal.

Believe it or not, this film was started in 2014(!!!) for a BRAWL competition. I obviously did not finish in time, but I'm just glad to finally have it done and out.

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All around fun film with great animation, glad you finished this. mini/smile

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I love how your animations feel so well made that I almost feel as though I'm not watching a lego video on youtube, but a short film. The atmousphere and cinematography of your videos are superb, it is easy to see the amount of work that goes into them. Good job! mini/smile

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Really amazing work. While it may not have been as visually stunning as your more recent film The Cleaners, it was still skillfully crafted, and you never fail to amaze. The lighting and sound quality were both excellent, and your animation is always so smooth. The Ben and Andy series has definitely been a fun, long-standing inspiration for everyone, and every episode keeps getting better and better. Hope this series sticks around for a long time. Keep up the great work.

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