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Special Delivery


The postman takes the mask of vengeance, but will he be able to deliver it into the right hands?

An entry to Rebrick's Continue the Chase contest.

SFX from Audio Blocks

"Mistake the Getaway"
"Laser Grover"

Wow! I do brickfilms too!!
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Re: Special Delivery

Wow, great work! Incorporated lighting setups are always impressive, and the one you pulled off at the very beginning here with the bike's headlamp is no exception. I really loved the bit where the postman tosses the envelope at the bad guy,  the motion of the throw is great and the impact of the letter felt very forceful. Keep it up! mini/bigsmile
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Re: Special Delivery

This looks amazing. Fantastic job you did here mini/bigsmile

Re: Special Delivery

Nicely done! I liked the motion blur on the swords, those looked really good. Solid animation and lighting. mini/smile