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Bird's Eye Heist


Animated in an 8 by 8 by 8 cube, Bird's Eye Heist tells the story of the fleeing bankrobbers and the police chasing after them.

This film involved some of the most time consuming animation I've ever done and more than a thousand tiny bricks, but I'm satisfied with the results. Any feedback is appreciated! mini/smile

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Re: Bird's Eye Heist (8*8*8)

Loved it. It felt like a low resolution arcade game. Really liked the burning rubber effect. mini/bigsmile

Re: Bird's Eye Heist (8*8*8)

The mouth made engine sounds toward the end were fun too, reminded me of Mr. Bean they would do some sounds like that for things like the hair trimmer or the fly. A little bit of shakes and bumps here and there, but another fun experimental brickfilm, and the top-down view and graphic style reminded me of your BRAWL entry last summer.