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LEGO white christmas


A short brickfilm I made around christmas time.

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This website is cool. mini/delirium

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Great video, the animation was excellent. I particularly liked your follow through, letting things go a little past before settling. Even the camera zoom had that detail. The 8-bit game map idea worked well too.

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Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! mini/smile
Hahaha, the camera zooms didn't look like that in DragonFrame. I was trying to make it have motion blur, by zooming out mid-frame, but sometimes in DragonFrame it displays a different frame than what will be exported. So when I would watch it in DragonFrame, it would have a cool motion blur effect. But it turned out okay regardless. mini/tongue

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That's probably because of the difference between your video assist images and the high resolution ones. To make things easier for your computer, Dragonframe first takes a low quality shot, which is what you will see when you are animating (unless you always have high-res on, but that's a bad idea mini/tongue ). Then it will take a high-res image, which is what the final image will look like. If something moves in-between these shots, then your high-res image will turn out different to your video assist image. Alternatively if you (for example) zoom in while the video assist image is being taken, but you stop zooming before it takes the high-res image, then you may get different results to what you were expecting. Oh and the effect of the aperture cannot be seen in the video assist image, only in the high-res image.

Hope this helps mini/wink

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It does help! I never knew that! mini/lol

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Yeah, I've learned the hard way to wait for the beep sound after the camera shutter sound. That beep means it's done with the actual picture, so don't move until you hear the beep and you won't accidentally get your fingers in the export, even though the preview looked fine.