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(Not so) Scary Mary

(Not so) Scary Mary

Mary is planning a good (old fashioned?) Scare!!

Will she succeed??

Re: (Not so) Scary Mary

There are few things scarier than commitment...

That was really good! The story is nothing groundbreaking, but you told it quite well. I like how you used television shows as the lady's source of inspiration. Also love the set design. Overall the production quality was quite high, which is always nice. You do seem to have a very shallow depth of field. Generally, a lot of the picture is very out of focus, and you have to really readjust the focus in some shots. The shot with the guy walking to the sofa felt a bit jarring because of this. (But, I suspect this is something you can't really work around - I used to have the same problem with my films.)

Only thing I didn't really like was the mirror - that particular effect didn't look convincing. I do admire how much attention to detail you put into it with the reflection, though! That must've been a pain to animate and edit.

I'm a sucker for brickfilms that don't rely on spoken words or dialogue, and most of the voicework was great (the witch cackle and man's scared screams, for example). All the "Hey." "Hello." "HI!" utterances sounded out of place, though. It sounded like artificial 'computer voices', if you catch my drift. Maybe you could find voice actors to do little grunts and screams and such instead? That might give it a more natural feel.

Hope to see more from you!

Re: (Not so) Scary Mary

Thanks for the feedback Bert... I really, really appreciate it... Will take them into account for the next BrickFilm. Will definitely focus on the Focus!! As for the mirror effect... was destined to put in in (but didn't really know how after effects works.... still learning of course)... to learn new skills. The 'Hey', 'Hi' etc. are copyright free sound effects. And when editing the film I also realized that clean real voices are way better...  Thanks again for the kind words and good tips... I'll take them at heart...

Re: (Not so) Scary Mary

I liked the way it played out.
I thought the greetings were hilarious at some points, as if the actors acknowledged the camera.

Re: (Not so) Scary Mary

Thanks Robukka...

It took some time from rough idea to an actual script... but am happy with the result..

The greetings were a style I wanted to try out... think I will keep it in to some extent in the next Brickfilms

Thanks again..

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