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Escape From Alien- THACXV

Escape From Alien- THAC XV

Made for THAC XV, something does wrong on the alien ship!

Austin-Frame5 Studios

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Fantastic Work!

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"An alliance? I find that unlikely." Well, that's one way to let the judges know you incorporated the theme... if I wouldn't know that this was made for THAC, I wouldn't have guessed (apart from that one line). And I mean that in a good way: this film is so well-polished!

The animation is smooth, the shots are set up well, the set design is cool, and the voice acting is quite impressive. The only thing that falls a bit short is the story itself, but I don't think that's a problem. It ends rather abruptly: probably a time constraint thing? Anyways, I wouldn't mind seeing more of this world.

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A very nice-looking entry.  I don't mind too bad that it ended quite abruptly since it's THAC.  Time's limited.  I'm excited to see what you do next.