Topic: The Super Secret Spy (THAC XV Entry)

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The Super Secret Spy (THAC XV Entry)

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Synopsis: A Super Secret Spy, and his mission to stop all evil!
Other Super Important Notes:
This video was one of the hardest I've ever made, it was all animated in a six-hour period, at a hotel. I know it has a few problems, mainly at the end when I realized I only had thirty minutes left in the contest, and I was sleep deprived. The voices were great, so thanks to them! I will do a THACumentary despite the poorness in quality of my film. I'm sure the THACumantary will be even more interesting than the THAC.

Re: The Super Secret Spy (THAC XV Entry)

I'm very glad you managed to finish this, as you had even less time than a lot of us.  I would say this was still better than my film, so good job.  It was impressive that you did this in six hours.

Re: The Super Secret Spy (THAC XV Entry)

Awesome job YummyBurrito. I really liked the film. Very well animated for being shot in a hotel. Great dialog for the most part too. Sure the ending was a little rushed, but hey, it's THAC. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Keep it up! Also can't wait to see the Star Wars film. mini/smile

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Very nice work, pulling it off under tricky conditions, and still having an excellent THAC entry. Great job!

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Well done! Great job pulling off your THAC entry like this. I admire your strength! You are the super secret spy mini/sunnies .
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Re: The Super Secret Spy (THAC XV Entry)

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I really appreciate it. mini/smile

Re: The Super Secret Spy (THAC XV Entry)

DISCLAIMER: My reviews are detailed and hypercritical. This was THAC. You only have 24 hours. It's not easy, and no THAC brickfilm is ever perfect. I know this when I write the detailed review. IF IT COULD BE PERFECT, what could have been added/changed/improved? When we think about all these details in retrospect, we are training ourselves to think about them the next time we make a film.

The animation is a bit rough here and there, but not terrible. There's a handful of set/camera bumps. Considering travel during the contest, the animation is fairly decent.

The whole film was shot from pretty much one angle, the "brickfilm angle." However, I could follow the action without difficulty. Being that it was a spy film, some stylistic shots to give that feeling of a spy-type film would have been nice.

The lighting is all over the place. It moves, it's less in one shot and more in another. It's only serving as illumination, so we can see what's on the set. The best lighting in your film is within the first few shots of your film and in the shot when the criminal is in jail. Control of lighting should be an area you study and work on for next time.

The story is a bit of a jumble. It's here, then there, then the Spy fails, but he's rescued by the criminal who has changed his ways. Your story is trying to do too much. I'm sure if you had more time and weren't TRAVELING at the time of production you could do the story justice. The "unlikely alliance" aspect was a normal interpretation of the theme and met the requirements.

Your audio is probably the strongest point in all of this. You chose the music to match what your story was about, and you had good voice actors, and you did some volume leveling to even out the differences in recordings. The "Moments Later" sound effect was a bit loud compared to everything else could have come down a notch or two. Nice job on the phone audio manipulation as well as the choice for ringtone. There could have been more sound effects, but time is always a factor in THAC.

Your set design was simplistic (It's THAC, you can only expect so much). But some more detail would have been nice.

I get that you were dealing with even more reduced time and lack of control over your location, so everything you did, you did with more constraints than anyone else. An impressive feat. But because it's a contest and the only constraints that affect qualification are those imposed BY that contest, I can't give you bonus points for the added challenge. But I CAN give you a pat on the back (metaphorically) and say, Good Job. Well done. Keep up the work and I'd like to see you push yourself even further next time. Hopefully without a road trip in the middle of your production. mini/wink