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A Cat and Mouse Game (Failed THACXV Entry)

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My failed THACXV entry. Mr Snuffles rules the streets and no cat dares to face him. However, his title of King of the Streets is threatened, when a tough dog comes to town. What will he do to stop him?

I almost made the deadline, but just missed it, as my Stop Motion software decided to crash before I could complete the film. I managed to fix any of the issues, but by that time, it was too late to make the deadline. Despite that, I am really pleased I took the time and effort this year to really make something I feel happy with. I hope you enjoy, even if it didn't make the contest!

Re: A Cat and Mouse Game (Failed THACXV Entry)

Yes it’s quite enjoyable. Watched it twice already and I like the flow in this one. It fits the theme and the mod elements I did not find distracting. The mix of voiceover and dialogue I found really nice.
(I almost think you should be allowed entry in the comp since it is still made in 24 hours, even if you just missed the uploading)

Re: A Cat and Mouse Game (Failed THACXV Entry)

Awesome job William. No light flicker that's noticable for a film made in under 24 hours? What is this magic? Seriously, the lighting was excellent. mini/smile

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