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The Great Quick Cook-Off


This year, I didn't have anything prepared beforehand (and luckily got an idea right away), and I wanted to have adequate sound design so I sourced sound effects after finishing each scene instead of cramming it at the end. Big thanks to the voice actors.

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Great little film I thought. Very professional in that the quality is good for a 24-hour film. And that ending just works,

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Great job!  Even you and Wammy came up with similar ideas, both were able to differentiate themselves nicely.

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DISCLAIMER: My reviews are detailed and hypercritical. This was THAC. You only have 24 hours. It's not easy, and no THAC brickfilm is ever perfect. I know this when I write the detailed review. IF IT COULD BE PERFECT, what could have been added/changed/improved? When we think about all these details in retrospect, we are training ourselves to think about them the next time we make a film.

Animation: Brilliant, Check. Visual Storytelling: Excellent, Check. Lighting: A bit more standard overhead lighting, but still check. Set Design: Not super detailed, but enough to fit the location, check (loved that light in the oven!). Audio: decent but not a lot of flair, save for the ending of course, check.

What to say about an already great brickfilm that could improve upon it? ...Well if I'm being REAALLLY picky...

This film is presented as an "Iron Chef" style competition cooking show. Two Chefs face off in a battle of culinary skills.
While we are privy to a lot of the typical camera shots that you would see in the show, they lack some of the stylings that would make it more like a cooking show. I didn't see a logo at the start of the show, I saw simple title bars telling the names of the chefs but they could have been more flashy. These would have been great opportunities for additional humor and jokes as well. As a whole the "show" didn't have the crispness of image that I've seen on actual shows. Some additional lighting could have added that extra complexity to your images. I saw a lot of studs in the kitchen set, but some more smooth surfaces would have been nice. White tile counter tops maybe? As well as an alternative color scheme (usually a lot of stainless steel in kitches instead of the red), but of course, you work with what you have. Also some color grading for the shots that are a part of the show would have been good, and could have alternated with the shots in real life where Chef Bob finds the recipe book and starts using it. That separation in color styling would have really helped sell the "show" vs "real life." This would also have been useful for the shock of them being kicked out onto the street (a bit more of a pause would have been humorous too). The interview shots were straight on, which you could have turned each interviewee at a slight angle so that when they were being interviewed it would still tie back to them "facing off" with each other. The Audio had a LOT of room to add depth including audience noises, more music, more sound effects, and general ambiance (I would have enjoyed an audience gasp when the head chef keels over) These added sounds also affect the pacing and help with timing the additional humor.

Again, this was me being a picker of nits. Great Job on your THAC entry, and congrats on making it in the top 10.

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Another one of my favorite entries. Great brickfilm, Penta. mini/smile

I just may have to download a copy for those offline on-the-go brickfilm viewing moments. Great stuff!