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Lego World War 2: Little Match Girl

Lego World War 2: the Little Match Girl

Yet another Lego brick film animation. This time it is some sort of an adaptation based on the Little Match Girl, a short story written by  Hans Christian Andersen but with some minor differences. Considered it my own version of it. This version is set in The Soviet Union during the Second World War, that is one of the major differences. Another big difference is that the father does care about the match girl. Since I don’t like the original concept of the father.
It is a period of war and great unrest. Everyone is affected, from children till the elders. Families are ripped apart as fathers, brothers, sons,uncles, grandfathers, grandsons all have to fight in front, some of them will never return and their faces will disappear from their society. The people who are left behind have no other choice than hope for their love ones to return.

But hope is cruel…...

The fourth part of the Lego War series where the aspects of war are about to be explored. Since The best gifts are the ones you share with the people you love and care the most.

This is actually the second video that is based on a semi-real event, the other was the one about the Second Sino-Japanese as this video is set in the Eastern Front in the winter of 1941/42.

May The Force Be With You!