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Hoverfrogfilms wrote:

Really fun video! I loved the commercial breaks, especially the walkomatic. I'd like one of those for Christmas! does anyone have links to the other collaboration videos Bricks in Motion has done?

The other community projects that have come from this community are:

The first three of them were made while the community was still located on the old site. More information on all of them them (plus the community projects from the communities that speak other languages) can be found on their individual wiki pages, which are all gathered in the Community projects category.

There have also been quite a number of failed attempts over the years; it is exceedingly rare that a community project is actually completed. Also of note are The Brickfilms Director's Project (2001) and Vox Populi (2003), two earlier projects that aren't quite community projects but precursors to the idea.

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I am really impressed how well this turned out, especially considering the fact that you were coordinating 20 animators!

The TV special style format worked well to tie in the different methods and looks of everyone involved. I thought the framing device and the other airport segments did a great job of breaking up the stories and kept the film as a whole flowing. The story segments were all great: I don't know what my expectations were, but they were shattered :P   The commercials were icing on the cake. I would expect to be bored watching a 30 minute brickfilm, but I ended up wanting more...

Bravo, Thistof, for putting all the effort into making this project a success - I feel honored to have been a part of it. And the same goes to everyone else who contributed: amazing job!

And, what might be the highest praise, I have showed this to a few people outside the brickfilming loop, and they enjoyed it :)


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Here is my official open letter in response to Rioforce's inquiry about my youtube channel. First Rio's email:

Hey Thistof!

I'm sending you a forum email because I don't know how the best way to get in touch with you. Today I saw that you deleted your "A Brickfilm Christmas" brickfilm along with your YouTube channel. I wonder, are you going to re-host A Brickfilm Christmas anywhere else online? D-Tube maybe? I ask because a lot of people participated in that video and we want to know if there's a copy online anywhere or if you plan to put one up.


Greetings and happy new year!

Thanks for asking. My account got hacked and so I suspended my channel. I need some time to straighten things out, change all my passwords, etc. So many life priorities these days, unfortunately brickfilming doesn't warrant my full attention, but I have always appreciated the effort everyone put into the Christmas show, and I fully intend to host it, and the rest of my catalog, as soon as I am able to.



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Official update, the video is now hosted on Vimeo