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Barry's Show is about a man named Barry who has his own show.
But things get weird when his friend Pete comes over and starts talking about some strange thing called a "Script".
While this film isn't a display of amazing animation or lighting, the story is darn good, and I learned a lot making it.

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Re: Barry's Show

Awesome! This was really good for your first proper animation! The story was excellent, especially with the idea of

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talking about how everything is in the script when it is supposed to be non-scripted mini/tongue

I also thought you did a great job on the set design, and I thought that the animation of things like the egg were very well executed - or should that be eggsecuted? mini/wink

In terms of way to improve, I think the best thing to focus on next would be to try and do more easing in and out, which you did manage to achieve (and to a pretty good effect) at times, but the majority of the animation was very slow because of how smooth it was. Also, when people are turning their heads, try and get their hair to move at the same rate, as it will make it look more realistic mini/smile

Question: is this going to be continued? I would love to see several episodes as you are very good at coming up with stories, but if you're not going to then that's fine mini/smile

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Re: Barry's Show

hey there!

I'll get the criticisms out of the way first:

1) I was hoping to hear the audience applause when Pete arrived, like TV shows with a live audience often do.
2) You misspelled "Tourette'!!!

That's out of the way.  Everything else was well-done, especially for a first brickfilm.  The set design not only was nicely done, but Barry's orange clothes were a great compliment to the blue background.  The kitchen set was also nice.  And the couch, which you showed me your technique for building behind the scenes, was innovative.

Other things I liked were the prop throwing, the creative use of bricks for eggs in all states, and the timing.  sometimes the pauses were a bit long, other times, they were spot-on.  This comedic timing is something that one develops.  My timing in my first brickfilm was much too slow.  Foe the most part, I was laughing in all the right places.  As the screenwriter, I knew where to anticipate them while other viewers won't, and still everything came off funny to me.

To Dragon Brick Studios' above comment, I never intended this to be anything but a one-shot.  It was actually a BiM screenwriting entry for a script with lucid characters.  "Barry's Show" is actually inspired by the 1980s sitcom, "It's Garry Shandling's Show".  The entire TV series was developed around this concept of the characters being aware they're on a show, so apparently lots of exploration that could be done.  I don't know if Sir Snorlax wants to continue this as a series, or move on to newer projects.  If he does, 1) there will be a way to work out who writes or develops the story, and 2) he already has the main set built! (unless he already dismantled it...)

All in all, this was a joy to see realized, and a worthy first animation from Sir Snorlax.

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