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Do you ever use ordinary objects in your brick films?   We used two ordinary objects in our latest stop motion video and I really like how it turned out.  mini/sunnies  I'd be interested in seeing how others have incorporated non-lego objects into their films. 

Look for the tangerines and the fuse in our video for an example:
Halloween High Jinks!  on YouTube

Share your example photo or video here. mini/wink

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Re: Using ordinary objects

No.  In HOO my intent is not to depict anything but Lego.  The only exception I make is a bluish wall I use for sky sometimes.  I don't have anything against the use of non-Lego.  I just don't.

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Re: Using ordinary objects

I think the person who I have seen use it to the greatest effect so far has been a guy by the name of The Guildmaster Studio on YT. Check him out! mini/smile

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