Topic: Any good compatible/knockoff 32x32 baseplates?

I'm looking for 32x32 baseplates in other colors than I can find for a reasonable price, specifically trans clear, white, maybe a few other lighter colors for use in interiors as well.

There are plenty of what like to call themselves "compatible" brands, and I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend brands to look for or to avoid.


Re: Any good compatible/knockoff 32x32 baseplates?

Being a Lego purist, I refuse to buy any fake lego, but I've noticed these on Amazon several times which should have all the colours you are looking for and more, I can't guarantee anything about them as again, I have never got anything from them, but the reviews are good, so it may be worth checking them out mini/smile

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Re: Any good compatible/knockoff 32x32 baseplates?

I am wondering the same thing...have seen many cheap strictly briks plates, but want to make sure they are actually compatible...I really just want large plates to use as backgrounds for brickfilms, but also for building houses and set on.

Re: Any good compatible/knockoff 32x32 baseplates?

Well, when building on the ground, if I need a different color, I usually just cover the baseplate with the appropriately colored bricks or plates. Now, for uses as a backdrop, that would obviously be a bit harder.

I do have a nice tan knock off plate, no idea what brand, that I use all the time. It works just fine, but is a teeny bit thicker than the real ones. Tiny size differences aren't a big deal, but you'll want to be aware of them. Clutch power, on the other hand, makes a huge difference, and is the single reason I hardly ever use the few Mega Bloks bricks and plates that I own. Again, as a background, that won't matter.

Building block toys are all copy cats of Lego, and like the knock off Thomas the Tank Engine trains I had as a kid, they will all fit together just fine 95% of the time. If not, then it is probably too cheap to even bother using.

However, to answer directly, the reviews on those plates are clear; they are compatible. It's only a matter of how purist you are. For myself, I need a really good reason to blatantly use knock off stuff, but don't mind mostly invisible things like baseplates to be non-Lego. I doubt many will notice, and only a handful will give it a second thought. So don't worry about it, if you're OK with it.

Re: Any good compatible/knockoff 32x32 baseplates?

As a side note on baseplates, it's best to use actual bricks or plates as the floor of set, as even LEGO brand baseplates have less clutch power than normal bricks. It isn't noticeable for regular building, but it's a big difference when it comes to animating a standing minifig. Most minifig feet will be much looser on a baseplate than on a normal brick. I realize that not everyone's LEGO collection allows the luxury of using bricks and plates for floors (that was me for years), but it's something to keep in mind.

As a base to build off of, though, I'll totally buy some off brand baseplates when the need arises.

Re: Any good compatible/knockoff 32x32 baseplates?

Thanks everyone, yeah I'm still a bit hesitant myself. It sounds like we all share that skepticism mini/confused

Re: Any good compatible/knockoff 32x32 baseplates?

backyard legos, I would love to use plates and bricks as the floor, but don't have enough.  How did you get most of your collection?  I am thinking of getting a bunch of tan and gray pieces/brick pieces, but it looks expensive with shipping

Re: Any good compatible/knockoff 32x32 baseplates?

My original idea was to get trans-clear baseplates and put colored paper beneath them. Voila! Any color baseplate you need. Unfortunately the trans-clear baseplates (esp. the bigger ones) are hard to come by and tend to be more costly. But I've heard horror stories of knockoff baseplates splitting the feet of minifigures, so I'd rather not risk it. mini/sad