Topic: Quality Downgrade by Exporting?

Recently, I have been trying to make the quality of my animations better. I have discovered a big problem with my quality in my films lately. The photos look great when they are originally taken, but after exporting them into an unedited video, the quality drops. Here is an example:
On the right side, there is the original footage, and the left side is the exported footage. I have tried many different exporting options, but the quality is still bad. What should I change? What are the best exporting options?
Thanks for the help!

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Re: Quality Downgrade by Exporting?

As far as I can tell, it looks like you are importing the images in a different aspect ratio from the video editor. Before importing, check to see if the aspect ratio settings on the editor match those of the original videos. Because, as far as I can see, the picture quality is just the same, except it's just missing the edges of the images, and therefore is zoomed in.

Edit: hold on. Did I mix things up? Is the right image the exported one? I think you meant it the other way around, as the left image is considerably better than the right one. The only thing that concerns me about that image is that the one on the left has a black bar, but only at the top, which suggests that it's some sort of custom aspect ratio.

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Re: Quality Downgrade by Exporting?

It seems to me that your video editor is increasing the sharpness of the image. Notice the light glare on the rooftop studs between the two shots. Your image isn't downgrading in quality necessarily, only it's being altered in a way that exposes some digital artifacts/glitches/errors.

The only thing you can do is check exporting options one by one. Perhaps google search each one's name, just to see if anyone else has been having similar problems. Again, it's probably a sharpness issue, so I'd look for that...

If necessary, export under a few different options. I use sony vegas and, a few years ago, noticed something similar (exporting clips were significantly different from original images) - and only through messing with different export settings & searching for my problem on youtube for months did I actually find a solution.

Hope this helps. mini/smile

Re: Quality Downgrade by Exporting?

Ok, so first off, what programs are you using? Are you saying you're exporting from your animation program and it's making the quality worse, or are you exporting from your video editor? If the former, does your video editor support the importing of raw frames you you don't need to export them?

Second, what resolution are you shooting in and exporting to?

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Re: Quality Downgrade by Exporting?

I am currently using Heron animation as my capture software, but the problem also persists when I use honestech stopmotion studio as well.  So, the problem occurs when I export from my capture software. I also use hitfilm 4 express and/or windows movie maker as my editing program. I believe both can import individual frames. I shoot at 1280x720, and export the same.

Re: Quality Downgrade by Exporting?

To explain the situation further, I took twenty different images of the same truck and put them into a video. If you look closely at the door of the truck, the pixels appear to be "bouncing" around the shot. …