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An experimental short film. Created using a Logitech C910 webcam, two desk lamps, iMovie, and Hitfilm 4 Express.

I would love to hear some feedback.

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Re: Tendencies

Always good to step outside your comfort zone. The macro closeups on the hand and chewed up details of the knife, along with the desaturated "video" look lent it some gritty realism. The knife scene at the end really tied the whole thing together. Lots of really fine movement of the hand and then the knife on the ground at the end, very steady and well lined up for such miniscule movements.

Re: Tendencies

Thank you for your feedback! The movements were something I worked really hard to pull off, so I'm glad you enjoyed them. And as for the knife being all chewed up, well, uh, that wasn't on purpose, but I'm glad you liked it! mini/tongue