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I'm finding that it strains my voice when I try to record any decent number of lines (more of an extreme example, but I could only record a few lines at a time for BYCDT! because I started getting a gagging sensation due to the yelling), so I figure it might be helpful to try to exercise my voice if I plan to do any more.

Anyway, do any of you have experience here? Tips and such? Hopefully not just for me, but anybody else here who wants to extend their VA abilities. Thanks! mini/bigsmile

Re: Voice acting warmup/exercises

The Brent character does a lot of strain on my voice, so I record about 1/4 of a script at a time, and keep water nearby.

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Re: Voice acting warmup/exercises

While I can't give advice specific to voice acting, you should always properly warm up your voice before doing anything that would strain it (such as the robber voice). I'd recommend using something along these lines, starting with your middle range, then working downwards and upwards.

Just singing more (hide in a sound-proof box if you have to) will strengthen your voice and should give it more resistance when it comes to doing larger amounts of voice acting.

Also be mindful of your posture: you should keep your neck and back straight - hunching over will put strain on your throat and vocal chords.

Lastly, keep in mind the fact that I'm not qualified in the least to give any advice.


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Re: Voice acting warmup/exercises

Look into using vocal fry to create the edgy sound rather than straining your vocal cords. Also I read once that radio announcers drink a lot of water and eat plain (original) potato chips. Something about the oil being soothing on the throat. Of course if it's soothing you want, maybe herbal tea?