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A Drowned Mind


Trapped in his own world, the machine keeping him sane is on the brink again.

An entry into BRAWL 2017.

(I made this to ease back into some stop motion, as I havent touched my LEGO in 3 years. Thought I'd mess around with a few things)

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Re: A Drowned Mind - BRAWL 2017

I really liked that, specially the kind of story that is trying to tell.

Re: A Drowned Mind - BRAWL 2017

I'm glad to see you make another film and enter BRAWL again; it has been a while. Is that the same guy from Pigeon Negotiator? mini/tongue I was very impressed by the VFX work, particularly the vast ocean (assuming that was an ocean). Nice lighting and cinematography, and I liked the story. There was something strange with the editing at about 0:13, I'm guessing as a result of rushing to meet the deadline. Good job getting it in on time; I know it was close.