Topic: [BRAWL 2017] Abduction on an Exotic Island!

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Abduction on an Exotic Island!


Captain D. Rom runs into trouble while on vacation! Can he ward off the evils of this island and save his loyal police partner Laura from certain doom? Find out in THIS MOVIE!

Hudson Railey (Large Mouth Productions)
Shawarma Studios

Made for BRAWL 2017!

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Re: [BRAWL 2017] Abduction on an Exotic Island!

That was good, very good. The good kind of ridiculous, too.

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Re: [BRAWL 2017] Abduction on an Exotic Island!


I love it!
Lora slowly changing colors over the fire was a great touch, and the hilarious Veggie Tales-like moral at the end was probably my favorite moment. Highly entertaining, and delightfully fun. Captain D. Rom's return was a great idea, and I look forward to his next outing. Also, the poke at government benefits was a cherry on top of an already excellent film.

Re: [BRAWL 2017] Abduction on an Exotic Island!

"Can we get this one to 15 likes everybody? Come on."

So good to see Capt. D Rom return in yet another crazy installment. Once again, you really came through with your random humor, clever puns, and alluring alliterations. The "political message" was particularly amusing and unexpected.

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