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It doesn't happen often, but I think the voice work and the writing might just be the best part of this film. Seriously, it is a pretty sweet screenplay, and the line delivery was really great. The voice actors made the characters come to life really well.

Now, although you need to improve in other departments, it seems that you're doing a good job at marking the top priorities in making a good story. As with everything, it all goes by experience. The animation is actually not that bad, considering you are relatively new to brickfilming, and you will learn to perfect that over time.

I feel that you might want to improve when it comes to cinematography/set building. I also think that using card paper for sky would be a better alternative to using base plates. I find base plates for backgrounds generally speaking, to be rather unappealing. Also, the lack of sound effects really takes you out of the film, making it lack atmosphere.

So, yes - you do need to practice on a few fields, but don't get me wrong this is a pretty neat brickfilm you have here. It may not have too much style, but it has substance, which is more important!

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Thanks! I had planned to have more including sound effects, but the time... I'll try and be more prepared next year. Thanks for watching!