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The Desktop - Bookworm!

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Instead of everything catching him, Mr. Overalls seems to be the one finding his injuries and insanely dangerous doom. This time, he wants to read Harry Potter. Unfortunately, he forgets that he is much smaller than the book. Enjoy!

Re: The Desktop - Bookworm!

did you HAVE to use that Arther song?
other than that anoying song, it was good. but the first desktop is still the best.

Re: The Desktop - Bookworm!

You mean Arthur, one of the most awesome children's shows ever to air on weekday afternoons?

Cool short. Animation was certainly up to scratch. Camera angles worked quite well. Nicely done.

Re: The Desktop - Bookworm!

That awesome song made the video that much more enjoyable. It brought back good memories, I used to (and still do) love Arthur.

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Re: The Desktop - Bookworm!

okay, I was just saying that because I though you guys would pick on me for still liking Arthur.

Re: The Desktop - Bookworm!

lol @ the song

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Thanks guys mini/smile . And when I had the idea for this Desktop, I just had to use that song.