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Just a day in the life of a ninja! In my film Kai's Day, Kai gives you a simple look of how he spends his days. Everything, the music and the sound effects are made by me. How I made them is as follows:
Music-I played this on my keyboard and changed the sound to a flute.
Talking-this was done by me.
Boxing bag-I punched my bed to make these sounds.
Building the city again-I dumped out a box of Lego's
Kicking the wall-I kicked my wall.
Just a day in the life of ninja.

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What do you guys think of my film? I know, that the main problem was that when he punches the bag, it is not as real as it should look, next time, I will exaggerate the action.

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This was a very solid entry. I thought the spinjitsu effect and music were well done. However, the film would have benefited from easing in and out.

Good work!

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My advice for the punching bag would be to increase the FPS and make the hits look harder by moving the arm back more, otherwise you did great! PS: I subscribed to your channel.

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Nice work, and congratulations on completing and submitting a fine piece. As for the punching bag (or whatever it is you animate next) never be afraid to use reference. There's plenty of video online to use, in fact a quick search for punching bag animation will bring up a lot of very different animation in many different styles of motion. Analyze them and see which styles work well for what you have in mind. There are also sites that will allow you to view youtube videos frame by frame if you really want to break it down. The more you animate, the more you'll discover on your own as well. Keep animating!

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Which sites allow you to watch videos frame by frame? As of right now, all that I know how to do is decrease the video speed to 0.25 and use the ',' and '.' to swith back and forth between frames mini/confused

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Thanks for all of the feedback guys appreciate everyone here.

Re: Kai's day lets you go frame by frame, I think there was another one I used in the past, but I can't recall the name of it. The buttons on the page work, but if you're like me and prefer keys, the right and left key will be in shuttle skip mode if you've clicked the video, so click the background of the page (away from the embedded video) to take the control focus off of the video, and right and left will go forward and backward, frame by frame.

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