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Minifig's sleep is constantly disturbed by noises in the night and when things escalate, it finds itself in a situation out of this world...

All music tracks in 'fooled' are original compositions, which are free to use for anyone (if you give me proper credit, of course mini/smile )
Here's the download link: … lFTaGVLWlE

This video placed third in BrickVideo Studio's "Fooled" contest!

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Re: fooled (3rd place winner in "Fooled")

Nice use of lighting.  I also like the camera dolly effect at the end

Black and Yellow Bricks

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Re: fooled (3rd place winner in "Fooled")

Really fantastic film, the pacing is very good, which I think gives it that "something" that makes it pleasant to watch; and although the basic idea isn't new, it feels fresh. Although the animation is kind of rough there are some good bits, like when he pulls the sheet over, that's very clever.

Spoiler (click to read)

I also really like the timing of the both the final shot and the shot where he falls off the desk.

Nice work! mini/smile

Re: fooled (3rd place winner in "Fooled")

Thank you guys for all the nice words! mini/smile I really appreciate all the love my film's been given, I've been away from brickfilming for a long time, so it's a very heartwarming "welcome back". Thank you! mini/smile
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