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Simple question: How do you do it? I have made some choppy attempts.

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Try lowering the FPS for that shot. Or if there isn't walking try making smaller moments and use onion skinning.
Do you have any tests you can show?

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I'd try a little bit of (oh the horror) math! mini/jaw

Try to work out how long you want the motion to take, then multiply that by your FPS to figure out how many photos the motion takes place over, and then you can use that to figure out how much to move the figure each time.

The other thing would be to multiply the number of frames for an action by how much slower you want the final shot.
so if a motion would normally take 3 frames, and you wanted 4x slomo make that same motion take 12 frames instead.

Keep in mind that the more precise the movement, the more accurate you have to be for it to look good, so any set or camera bumps are a no-no.
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I'dl basically take more photos than the usual, as much as possible. If that's not enough, maybe add some frame interpolation in post to get the speed I want.
Lowering the framerate, with crossfades between the frames looks very cheesy in my opinion.

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Some good advice here! I have been wondering about how to do it myself, but couldn't figure it out. Although, perhaps it would work if you used live actioin? I haven't tried this method, but I think it would work (albeit not for every type of slow-mo shot)

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Hey! This current animation challenge happens to be slow motion! You should enter it!