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Which of the Two


A short film inspired by Matthew 21:28-32 (the parable of the two sons)

A story of two sisters, a tray of cookies, a scary neighbor, and what constitutes true obedience.

Consists of approximately 1500 photos taken with a Sony RX-10,
Edited in FCPX,
VFX done in Motion 5,
Music from the YT music library,
Scripture quotation taken from the KJV Bible.

The video game was created by tracking a screen recording of the Lego "speed champions" game into the shot using 'add' blending mode to preserver the reflections and the texture of the bricks, and the sunset was made with a programable LED strip between the set and the backdrop, if anyone has any other questions feel free to ask.

I enjoyed making this, even though it took a long time, and was frustrating at times, and would appreciate any feedback anyone would like to give.
“But the enterprise in which I’m about to embark on is fraught with imminent peril.”

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excellent set design, animation, and allegory

"None practice tolerance less frequently than those who most loudly preach it."

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Nice set.

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I really like the road shots (where she walks to and from the neighbor's house) - the sunset looked especially good. mini/wink

I'm not sure what your setup is like, exactly, but make sure to watch out for loose sets/props/camera.

Overall nice job in portraying the parable!

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The road set did a great job of appearing larger than it actually is, especially helped by the corner that is soon obscured. I also liked the attention to detail of the clock that actually moved.

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Thanks everybody, I'm glad you all liked it! It means a lot coming from people I view as much more advanced then myself.  mini/smile

Mighty Wanderer  yeah, bumping the camera/sets/props is one of the things I need to work on, there was actually quit a bit of prop-bumping that was digitally removed, but there were a few more severe bumps of the set/camera that I couldn't take out. mini/confused

Penta Thanks, I was experimenting with forced perspective to see if I could make my set appear bigger than it was without green-screen, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.  I did wonder if anyone would notice the extra effort I put in to make the clock move across all the shots it appeared in and not just the close up, but I learned a few things from doing it, and I'm glad I took the time to do it.
“But the enterprise in which I’m about to embark on is fraught with imminent peril.”

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Nice work, Mark! Really enjoyed this. The establishing shot looks great with the sun coming from the right of the frame and the seagull flying by. Also, I really like the design of the kitchen and living room sets.