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When I Get a New LEGO Set


Every time I get a new LEGO set, I do this certain ritual-of-sorts before I part out the set into bricks. I briefly explain it in my new brickfilm.

(Made for the LEGO Rebrick Creator 3in1 contest)

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Re: When I Get a New LEGO Set

Very nice!
There's a lot of heart in this, and I'm sure it'll hit home to all of us brickfilmers.
The unboxing/instruction flipping looked great. It was smooth, perfectly paced, and had a subtle bounce/life to it that made it fun to watch. Your chroma-green background at 0:17 was a bit unattractive after the clean white that preceded it, then followed it, but the animation on, cyber-worm was great. I particularly loved the shot at 0:19, as that quick look-pause-then-slither-by gave it a curious and fun personality. The movement was really well done, giving it character and life in all the best ways.

The short ends abruptly, but otherwise, it's a brief and fun look at the mind of Lego artist.
Great job!

Re: When I Get a New LEGO Set

I really liked it! good job! mini/bigsmile