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A team of elite robot ninjas infiltrate a top secret facility.

entry to the BrickVideo Studio contest

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Nice job!
The animation was pretty smooth and consistent.  The main thing I would try to work on is avoiding set bumps.  Other then that, you've been improving immensely.  Keep animating and I am sure you will get even better.

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I'm glad you liked it, an thanks for the advice mini/bigsmile

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Good job!
The good: the film was entertaining and creative, I especially liked the laser part.
The bad: as already mentioned set bumps were a big problem. The thing which stood out to me the most though was when they're walking down the hallway and you see the whole cast appear one after another as they walk. This scene was very confusing to me and I actually had to watch it a few times before I realized what was going on. If the camera had been on the side of the cast and they walked past it instead of just popping into existence I think it would have looked good.

But here's the thing, even though there's a few technical things you need to work on, the film is entertaining, charming, creative, well paced and I never THOUGHT about the technical stuff that much. I hope you had a good time making this film, and I hope you do well in the contest mini/smile

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Re: Ninfiltration

I liked your creative approach. This was a good entry to "Fooled." I'll try to add to the advice you've already received.

Jump cuts - For me, this was one of the more annoying aspects to your film. In one scene the ninjas were walking to the right, and then the next moment they were going left. The first time I saw this I thought maybe there was a group of enemies going towards them. You want to be careful how you use jump cuts so you don't confuse the audience.

Camera Angles - Sir Snorlax mentioned the most problematic scene; the one when they are all in a line walking away from the camera. This shot just didn't work well. I probably would have placed the camera overhead. That way you could see all of the ninjas and see the wall squoosh the last one. With that said, I applaud your effort to use different camera angles. It helps make the film more interesting and is a powerful storytelling tool.

Camera focus - Quite a few shots were out of focus. Often it seemed the camera was focused on the wall rather than the ninjas. This may be something out of your control as it depends on what settings are available on your webcam.

Reflections - I saw quite a few camera and body reflections bouncing off your set. This is another challenge and can be dependent on your work environment. To prevent reflections, try to stand further away from the set when you take pictures, wear dark clothing and always sit/stand in the same place for each photo. Tinkering with your lighting setup can help too.

Well, that's all of the advice I have to offer. The other commenters gave some excellent feedback. Don and myself thoroughly enjoyed this flick, and we were happy to have it be a part of "Fooled." I hope you will join us next time around.

All the best.

- Daniel

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Thanks for the great feedback, my birthday is coming up so I'll use the opportunity to obtain a new camera, my current one is almost as old as I am mini/lol , I'll certainly be entering your next contest mini/smile