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Skull Spider Invasion


My first scripted film! all the others have been improvised!

After a failed space-time experiment 2 scientists must defeat the robotic spiders that they unleashed.

Please do tell me what you think of it.

Re: Skull Spider Invasion

As far as early films go, it's a good foundation.
It's certainly far longer and more coherent that my first few film attempts!

The good side of early films is that they can exaggerate an individual's strengths and weakness, and still give some light as to the hidden potential that will soon reveal itself down the road.

The biggest area for improvement this time would probably be better creating the illusion of the characters actually talking. Syncing up the hand/arm movements to their speech would go a long way in that. You had plenty of motion, but the characters would mysteriously start and stop moving at strange times. It's time-consuming, but unless that is done well, it becomes hard to get the audience immersed in the world of the characters on-screen.

On a similar subject, sound design is a complex thing, and it takes time and experience to do well. I suggest watching well-done brickfilms, and even live-action films, while paying attention to the sound. In fact, try 'watching' a movie clip with your eyes closed. That will help you be more aware of the differences between 'good' sound design, and 'great' sound design.

That being said, the sound was certainly not without it's 'great' moments. Especially with lighting. The shot of the shaft at 4:31, the earlier clip of mostly darkness where you can only see the bobbing Scout Trooper helmet on the soon to be victim.
I also like the integration of Bionicle and System elements. This gave the alien spiders an even more, well, alien feel.

All I can say is, it's great to see you moving forward and reaching out with new and unfamiliar techniques!
Practice and experience are the stepping-stones on the road to progress, and no doubt you noticed improvement even through the production of this one film. Keep up the good work, and don't forget to watch other films for inspiration and good examples to follow.

Re: Skull Spider Invasion

That was very good, especially for your first scripted brickfilm. The script for my large scale brickfilm was full of plot holes and loose ends(I never ended up completing it.) The set design for this movie was great as well.

I do not brickfilm anymore, but you can see my live action stuff here.