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Curse of the Blue Angel

Bank robbery, car chase, helicopter effects and explosion! Welcome to Kane's world! It's hard enough breaking into the bank to steal the Blue Angel, but will Kane survive the chaos that follows once he gets his hands on it?

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Great feedback from … lue-angel/

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I really enjoyed all the moving/dolly shots in this (how did you get them to turn out so smooth?) The use of lighting like at the beginning with the police lights was also very nice. The overhead shots at the end were cool as well. Overall an entertaining piece, can't wait for the sequel.

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I really liked some of your camera angles and the shot from the roof to the ground floor was very well done  - dolly moves were very smooth - what did you use? as I'm struggling with my current project to get smooth camera movement and the last shot at the end has inspired me to get on and build my deli corner, which is still in it's box - overall nice film


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Thanks for your encouraging feedback. With respect to smooth movements, what I did:
- Capture at higher frames per second by moving the camera only a couple of millimeters at a time.
- I use sliders whenever possible because they don't move around or jiggle and always provide a guaranteed straight line of movement for the camera.
I hope this helps.