Topic: Camera movement with a webcam?

Hello everyone! I animate with a webcam and I am wondering for some tips on how to make camera movement with it. Please comment what you think. Thank you! mini/smile

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I have the c920 and i just built a custom dolly out of legos then took a ruler and taped it down by my set so I can measure out the increments that i move the camera. Also you can move the set around the camera too.

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Re: Camera movement with a webcam?

What kind of camera movement?
Do you mean a slow, even pan, or a quick whipping around, or a shaky-cam effect, or some elaborate Peter-Jackson-like sweep over your walking minifigures?

If you mean a slow pan, Squid's Tutorial is fantastic. Although, it does address general principles that can help you with any movement. There are many ways to build such a camera rig, (Here's mine.) though some just free-hand those pans like they would everything else.

Generally, it's just a matter of remembering easing in and out. I did this completely free-hand, so it's just figuring out where you want to go, and how to get there. I've also used curved train track and mounted my camera on some train bases to get a "spinning around" effect.

Overall, webcams are a lot easier to work with than DSLRs when it comes to camera movement, but it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

Also, this belongs in "Production" since this is movement with the camera, and not post-production camera stuff. So I moved it. You're welcome. mini/smile

Re: Camera movement with a webcam?

As said before, it would be a good idea to make a webcam dolly out of Lego, but there are alternatives. Here is a good video on doing moves without a rig:

You might also find this helpful:

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Re: Camera movement with a webcam?

Thank you for your help! mini/bigsmile  i appreciate it

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I made a lego dolly. Due to wheels and stuff the camera is now raised quite a bit above the table. The camera unfortunately higher than a lego man and shoots over his head. So, of course - I now use raised sets so that my lego man is centre of frame. My sig has a 2016 xmas message that uses a webcam pan. Not my best work - but there ya go.

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