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What's that old expression about honor among thieves, again?

Planned to be my THAC XIV entry, but not completed in time.

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Awesome job. I love anything Pirates. The story unfolded in a bit of a predictable manner but the animation and set pieces looked top notch. This could be expanded to episodes!

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Re: Backstabbers

very nice animation! i loved the story! good job mini/bigsmile

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Another excellent brickfilm. The dialogue animation in this is spot on.  mini/smile

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It's a shame you were not able to finish this in time, but as an animation itself it is AWESOME!!!! Great Job!

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Ha, what great fun!

It's a refreshingly simple, bright, and pirate-y short, what's there not to like?
As always, your animation is fantastic. You do a great job expressing using their entire bodies, and it adds a sense of life and energy that many animators miss.

Of course, once the monkeys showed up, the end was obvious, but that's not really the point. The point is the innocent joy of watching everything unfold.

I'm glad I looked back and saw this one, it's a good short. Even though it wasn't finished in time for THAC, it's still a solid film that would be welcome any time of year.