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Lego Batman - Episode 1: Pilot

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The first episode of my Lego Batman series. This series focuses on Gotham City as a whole and tells the story of different crime gangs around the city, and of course the masked vigilante known as Batman.

Re: Lego Batman - Episode 1: Pilot

Very unique to say the least. I think it's obvious that there's a lot of potential for the rest of the series. However, there was a lot I DIDN'T like about this video at all. I'm not going to list everything, as I feel the stuff I disliked will hopefully change within the next episode; or maybe the flaws I've found are completely perfect in your eyes and are only looked upon with discomfort by myself. But I'll list the biggest thing I disliked about this video, as I really want you to pick up on it now.

I want to say that the brickfilm was (at times) frustrating to watch, because it was so god-damn dark. I couldn't see the character's faces at times, only their outlines (and sometimes not even that); and of course, I'm not sure if it was your intent to make it as dark as it was to hide the character's faces and identities, in which case I can understand as you're only trying to set a mood, but from a viewer's standpoint, when you have it that dark, it's annoying and frustrating to watch. The snow also ties into this. I love the idea of having a snowy Gotham for the entirety of the episode, but the huge blocks of white that fall over the screen is (at times) what makes it hard to see the characters and visuals. The contrast between the blinding white of the snow and the pitch-black darkness of the set was horrible.

That's all I have to say about that. I hope you can pick up on my criticism and hopefully improve on the point I listed! Thanks.