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Re: [THAC XIV] Sheltered

I'm not sure why, but having the detailed girl's face next to the plain : ) was strangely creepy. mini/tongue

The sound design, though minimal, was satisfying to listen to - nice job!

Re: [THAC XIV] Sheltered

That opening shot though... mini/eek
I love ceilings, and that was a great ceiling.

Reminds me of a quote from "Blast from the Past"
A - "You have very nice ceilings!"
T - "You like ceilings, do you?"
A - "Not particularly"

Re: [THAC XIV] Sheltered

I agree with nswihart, the opening shot was mini/eek .

The set design was just amazing. It has a very claustrophobic feel to it which really sold the idea that these kids were trapped.

The story I didn't understand at first, but after viewing it a couple of times I think I understand what was going on. It was great that it started right in the middle so we as the audience had to piece together what was happening.

Overall this was a great entry twickabrick. Great to see your work mini/smile .

Re: [THAC XIV] Sheltered

Man, 24 hours is not enough time for you, when it ended I sat there wondering why there wasn't more!

Excellent work, the lights turning on was absolutely fantastic, the camera movements were great, and the timing was perfect. I didn't think work this good usually came out of THAC! Although, it did feel unfinished to me, like a taste or intro to something, rather than as a standalone.

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Re: [THAC XIV] Sheltered

Interesting take on the theme. Although it wasn't long, it was very polished for a THAC entry.
I loved the way the lights turned on the beginning (there aren't many brickfilms that show the ceiling at all).
Smooth animation and camera movement, too.

Excellent job!


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Re: [THAC XIV] Sheltered

Thanks for all the comments, guys! I'm glad people seem to like the first shot in particular. That was certainly the one that made me excited to make the film in the first place; it was one of those shots that you can just see really clearly in your mind.

Mighty Wanderer wrote:

I'm not sure why, but having the detailed girl's face next to the plain : ) was strangely creepy.

That's funny! Yeah, I don't really know if I chose the best faces for the two main characters; might've been a better idea to just go with yellow faces so I'd have a wider selection, but I thought maybe the darker tone of this film would work well with flesh toned heads.