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THAC XIV - Life Changes

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My Entry into THAC 2017,
A poem reflecting on the changes in life, and our attitude towards it.

I didn't get started until late, because I couldn't find a good idea among other things, but then I worked for nine hours straight, writing the poem, recording the narration, building, animating, and editing. I used a Sony RX-10, A Samson Q2U, and FCPX.

It was a lot of stress, but also a lot of fun, and hopefully I will be able to do more contests in the future.

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Re: THAC XIV - Life Changes

Really nice animation and poem! One critique though. The objects on set seemed to be slightly moving when they were not intended to. This can be easily solved by adding sticky putty or something else to hold them down. I still really liked it! It's always fun to watch so many great THAC animations. Keep it up! mini/smile

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I like feeling good. Thanks.

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Re: THAC XIV - Life Changes

I really like how you used a bunch of small set pieces on the expanse. It fit well with the poem narration. mini/wink

Re: THAC XIV - Life Changes

So I completely forgot to reply to this thread, but thanks for the complements Raptor Studios, BWJC, & Mighty Wanderermini/smile

I also like the feel of the minimalist sets, and I think it successfully conveyed the tone I was trying to set.

Regarding the set bumps, I would have used clay to stick the sets down, but I discovered that the only clay I had damaged the poster-board, and I didn't have time to go out and get new clay. (and/or new poster board for each shot)
“But the enterprise in which I’m about to embark on is fraught with imminent peril.”