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Colonel's Orders

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Made for THAC XIV.

What happens when I want to film a western, but forget all the stereotypical western stuff like the showdown, cliché phrases, and big set pieces? This, apparently.

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Dang nabbit, some of that animation and camera movement was really nice! Story felt a little slow, but visuals were nice, and the pan at the beginning with the guy 'flopping' around was brilliant, and so was the colonel pulling out his pistol. Lighting was nice too!
Impressive length for THAC!

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Ditto to what BWJC said (I think he covered everything I would have mini/tongue )! I still don't understand how you get so much animation done during THAC. xD

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Really impressive how much you made in a day! The story is interesting and...

Spoiler (click to read)

I like the ambiguity of the ending. I think it works really well not knowing what he's gonna do.

The one thing I didn't really like, although this might just be a pet peeve of mine, is when they said "transition". It didn't feel like natural dialogue, and I think saying the contest theme in dialogue is pretty much always a bad idea. It seems like it just takes the viewer out of the film (if they know what contest it's for, at least).

But anyways, great work overall! And nice job on the sets, too.

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Thanks for the comments guys!

Glad you liked that pan. It was one of the first shots I thought of, and the first that I shot. I tried to have longer shots in this film, and avoid cutting unless I needed to, so that probably contributed to it being slow. Of the older westerns I've seen, they tend to have slower pacing, and I was trying to channel that feel a bit. Seems I accomplished that a bit too well. However, I'm happy with it.

I have no idea either. I kept animating and animating, trying to finally finish everything, and didn't realize just how much I had done until you pointed it out. The script was only 1 1/2 pages, so even I'm surprised that it expanded to this length. Thankfully, post-production was simple and I was able to recover some time with that.

Thanks! I was afraid I may have mangled this ending, as it had to lead naturally into "If Prison Bars Could Talk" so I felt that it may have only shown two-thirds of Duh's transition, with the other being shown in the next film. Thankfully, it all seemed to work out in the end!

Yeah, I certainly overused the contest theme in the dialog. However, the dialog was continually being revised until the very end, and I guess my sleep-deprived brain didn't realize just how much it would stick out. Sorry about that!

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Double post...
The THACumentary is now out. Sorry for the delay.