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THAC XIV Recovery Takes Time


Jim starts a new life, in a new city. Made for THAC XIV.
I know the animation looks rushed......But this year our story was longer. We animated, and edited pretty much non stop, and we barely finished this on time. I would really like critiques/comments.

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Re: [THAC XIV] Recovery Takes Time

As your description suggests this was very ambitious for the time alotted, and your shots do look very cinematic even if the animation in some instances does come off as choppy. That said, I do think you managed to pull off a rather interesting story in a short space of time, I just hope the extra time spent on story to sacrifice animation quality doesn't hurt your chances too much. Anyway, best of luck!

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Re: [THAC XIV] Recovery Takes Time

Ouch, I'm sorry, but I really let you down with those voices. Jim sounded a lot better in my head. mini/sad

As much as you were trying to convey "bad habits die hard" I don't think that

Spoiler (click to read)

shooting a guy is a "bad habit." More like a criminal action. Also, no police or anything bothered to show up?

While the bar idea is good, I think the extreme that it ended up was pushing things a bit too far, and thus, it may have lost some of it's relevancy to the lives of "normal people."
It's too bad you had to cut one of the characters, as the missing man's role would have helped fill the temptation to go into the bar scene in better. However, I do like the green color correction at the bar, great touch!

I think the THAC pressure may have gotten to you, as it does all of us. The idea behind the film is a good one. I really do like it. But ambition and limited time and resources don't mix well, and as for my part, I feel my voice acting certainly didn't help things. I'm sorry.

Re: [THAC XIV] Recovery Takes Time

Wow, dark.

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Re: [THAC XIV] Recovery Takes Time

The2awesomeguys: Thanks! Glad you liked it, now I just have to figure out if we are going to be this ambitious next time.... Im hoping so two!

Pritchard Studios: We all thought your voices were really good. Yea I agree I didn't really think about that. I guess I have a bit of a tendency to exaggerate things a bit much, I should probably work on that. I agree Bill really would have added to the story, as would a few of the shots we left out. Yea THAC pressure really got to us, I really didn't think that we were going to make it, as is we sent it in the last like two minutes.

BWJC: Yea..........


This world is a dark place. One day I will see my Savior face to face.
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