Topic: [THAC XIV] In Memory of Lina

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THAC XIV Entry - In Memory of Lina


My entry to the 14th annual THAC contest!

Andrew BrickMovies - Stop Motion Animator

Re: [THAC XIV] In Memory of Lina

Nice! The animation was pretty good (the walk cycles looked nice and smooth especially). I'm not 100% sure on what the story was about (at least relating to the theme), but some minor story issues during THAC are understandable. xD

Glad you were able to cast this and get it finished in time! mini/wink

Re: [THAC XIV] In Memory of Lina

This is really sweet. Kind of like a shorter version of the marriage scene in Up. Story-wise this is great. I'm not so sure about the animation, at least at times. The character animation in the first scene could have been a lot better, but the rest of the animation was really good!