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Beyond the Stars- Brickfilm

Beyond the Stars- Brickfilm

A film i made for a film contest

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Sorry to see you don't have any comments yet, it's deserving of a few for sure. So here's one!

Overall, I felt that the film had quite a bit of potential, and had some good ideas, but it may have slipped up a bit in the execution. You had all the necessary story scenes, but that's kinda what it felt like, a collection of scenes. We didn't really have a chance to learn who the characters were, only what they did.

I think my main question would be why the main character kinda agreed not to attempt space travel, but then did with no hesitation.

The dialog had it's good moments, but generally felt awkward and a bit clunky. One way I've found to help that is to read through it all out loud, then ask myself if I would actually say that in their situation. This helps you to experiment with emotions and figure out better how the characters should talk to allow that to support what their communicating in the dialog.
I know, it takes a lot of practice, and it's something I seriously need to work on too. But hey, practice makes perfect!

However, there were some great parts to the film. Scenes like the opening, the workshop about a minute in, 2:04, and the ending shot and all have amazing lighting. Great use of LEDs! I love seeing people use lights inside the sets as "real" "in world" lighting.

The music in the opening and closing scenes was pretty cool, and the CGI actually worked pretty well.
Thanks for making this and sharing it.

Best of luck in the contest!

Re: Beyond the Stars- Brickfilm

Sorry for not reviewing this earlier. I have been meaning to.

First off, I would like to mention that I follow your channel and am a big fan of yours, so I've heard that you had to cut out a lot of the film in order to make your deadline for the contest you're entering. So, I can understand why a lot of the plot was rushed and that the characters don't have much development. That being said, it did turn out to only be 5 minutes long, so considering everything, you pulled it off quite well. The cinematography was really nice. Your lighting is very atmospheric and resembles a lot of the great cinematography of Rioforce's work.

The CG work, although obviously CG, looks surprisingly good, and it's nice to see a shot of the rocket leaving earth like that.

So, overall, I really like the finished product. It's not perfect, but the good definitely outways the bad!