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Hi. I'm entering THAC XIV this year. This is my first time I've entered a BiM contest, so I'm not familiar with one thing. How does the topic get released? Will it be added into the THAC XIV topic, or will  it be announced in a different thread?

P.S. Have any rumors leaked about what the topic is? mini/wink

Re: THAC Topic

If you have any questions regarding THAC, please ask them in the official THAC thread that is found here.

Thank you.

To answer the question, it will be released that morning in a topic in the Contests and Festivals section. You can't miss it.
Also, any rumors leaking defeat the entire purpose and fun of THAC, so we don't know and don't try to know. Usually only a handful of elite staff may have an even inkling of what it might be, and I'm pretty sure just the one announcing it actually knows for sure. So leaks are unlikely to say the least.

Mod mod edit: only the contest host knows the theme beforehand. There's usually a setup so judges can access the theme if the host fails to post it when the contest begins (because historically we've had hosts lose internet connectivity) but members who are eligible to enter the contest are not able to see the theme before it is announced, staff or no.

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