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Are you all excited as I am?

Great! Here’s a sample of the type of music this brickfilm will feature.

As always, suggestions, comments, and concerns are appreciated. mini/smile

1st Edit (10/17/2016):
I am currently working on sets at the moment, as the script is completely finished. Storyboarding and casting are the next steps – which I will begin this week.

2nd Edit (10/20/2016):
Some sets are completely finished (The Batcave, two streets, and part of a sewer interior). Casting has begun: I've started asking around to find principal voice actors, but will create a public casting call after some of those rolls are filled. I'm still working on possible musical motifs for the brickfilm... and, without spoiling anything, a major villain from a previous film may return! It's been fun to learn his motif by ear, and experiment with altering it for other uses within the brickfilm. mini/smile

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Tim Burton's Batman is the best.

I do not brickfilm anymore, but you can see my live action stuff here.

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I am hyped! mini/eek

I am supposed to put something here.

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If you need someone to play Alfred, I'll do it. I have played him in the past!

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Thanks for the comments, guys!

Smocktopus wrote:

Tim Burton's Batman is the best.

I think there's something to be said for every incarnation of Batman. Although, I do prefer the Burton Batman myself. The german expressionism influence on the architecture and the massive backlot sets in particular fascinate me. I think it will be a fun challenge to recreate these sort of elements with Lego.

PSM Films wrote:

I am hyped!

Hold your horses, PSM. I've still got to cast, and, that may have to be delayed temporarily. In the meantime, however, I will finish set building and might even begin filming parts that don't need dialogue.

William Osborne wrote:

If you need someone to play Alfred, I'll do it. I have played him in the past!

Thanks for being interested in this project enough to offer to play a roll, William. I already had someone in mind to play Alfred, however, if that falls through (or if I need any other characters filled) I'll definitely keep you in mind first and foremost. mini/smile

Edit (10/25/2016)
Due to another slight delay, I'm setting up to take some pictures of the sets and other characters that I haven't shown yet (and this time, they'll all be ones that will actually appear in the final film...)

I'll do this soon, perhaps later this week, or next week. mini/smile

Edit (5/3/2017)
Several delays and conflicts on the exact direction the film should take, myself and The Logan Productions have decided to make two separate Batman films - his a bit closer to the Burtonverse as seen in Batman Returns, mine a bit more of an homage to what Batman Forever would have been without the deleted scenes - still a bit brighter overall, but a bit more methodical and logic-centered than the final result.

That being said, my side of this project is currently being put on hiatus indefinitely. I've got some other brickfilms I want to work on in the meantime - most of which may end up taking me the rest of the year to complete. Don't worry, though. This project isn't dead. I do still intend to work on/finish it in the future. mini/smile

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Since you like the original films: … man-movie/

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If you need any help writing or anything else, I'm willing to my man!

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I can do a variety of Robin voices if you're interested.