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LEGO Doctor Who: Parasite


Full disclosure, I am both happy and unhappy with this film (happy that it's done, not overly thrilled with the outcome). The vast majority was shot way back in 2014 on my old Logitech C920 webcam (this was actually the film that was “cancelled” because it broke mid-way through shooting). So why finish it off two years later with a completely different camera, when I thought I’d moved on from this production? Well, in all honesty, I just felt like it was being wasted sat on the hard drive of a now obsolete computer. I have another motive too, but spoilers.

I feel the outcome of my endeavour to finish this off has left me with a badly paced, mildly entertaining romp that has no real resolution (What was the Parasite? Why did it attach itself to Jennings? WHY DIDN’T YOU ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS, 2014-ME?!) and that’s tone changes very obviously between 2014-me and 2016-me’s creative control. But hey! I’m my own biggest critic, and if you find even the smallest amount of entertainment value in this, I’ve done my job.

And hey! It's nice knowing that I've progressed so far in the past two years, both in terms of writing and (to a lesser extent) in my animation.

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This was a pleasure to watch, start to finish! Unfortunate that the end was a little rushed, but for understandable and relatable reasons! You nailed that Doctor Who feeling of adventure and curiosity. The visual humour was great too, the blood on his chin after drinking from his skinning device gave me a grossed out chuckle. Can't wait to see more, and if you want some original music for it please feel free to drop me a message!