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Haunted Heist


A planned heist during a Halloween party turns spooky.

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Entertaining; the animation was fantastic, though the ending came kind of suddenly, especially after such a long build up; the story felt a bit lopsided.

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I have to agree with backyard - it felt rushed, but it was still a fun film. Your animation was really fluid (the shot where the ghost is flying towards Bill was great; kinda reminiscent of ghost Vitruvius xD ).

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The noir-esque feeling throughout the film is perfect. 

As others have mentioned the animation is excellent. It has a fun, cartoony vibe. Also, the lighting throughout the film is really neat; especially the overhead light over Bill's desk.

Another favorite brickfilm in my book. Keep up the good work, man! mini/smile

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This is epic. I didn't know what to expect with the story, so I enjoyed the surprise. The animation was pleasingly comedic and fluid.

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That glow in the dark head really made that sequence.

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Heh, this is great!

The story was quick but entertaining, and the animation quality was very good. Top three material for certain!

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Dat glow in the dark head tho... 2spo0ky4me mini/eek

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