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Hey guys!
I’ve had a bunch of comments on this camera rig I’ve constructed, so I threw together a video showing how it works!

This rig can be modified for different cameras – I use a Logitech C920, and I have used my Quickcam Pro 9000 with this rig as well. It doesn’t seem unlikely to me that you could set up a larger rig for something like an SL1, but I haven’t tried anything that big. mini/tongue

If you’re not one for reading the description of YouTube videos, here’s all the important information:

This is based on David Boddy/pe668’s camera rig, and detailed pictures of that can be found here. You can see it in action in one of his THACumentaries.

Things you’ll need to build this:
2 worm gears
2 normal gears – the 24-tooth size is what I use, but you can use whatever you want (they will have different results, of course)
A few axle pieces, pins, etc.
A handful of technic arms and bricks
A weight so it doesn’t fall over
Assorted other pieces to design to your heart’s content (and to the point at which your rig won’t be falling apart)

Hope this helps! mini/bigsmile

--Mighty Wanderer

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Thanks Mighty! This might be just what I need as I have a logitech c920

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I am building a camera rig like this one for my c920 right now! Thanks Mighty!

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