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3/4 The Repayment
When a gunman fails to assassinate John Herman, App Man endeavours to track him down, ultimately discovering his motivation.
Animated using Zu3D.

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Re: App Man Episode 3

I loved it great job! each episode is getting better and better keep up the good work. Also can't wait to see were/if that love interest goes anywhere.

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the credit's were a little fast, but I really liked the ending, mini/smile
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Great Job William, I really liked it! Every episode has been better in and you are improving massively. I can't wait for the conclusion of the appman series. I gave you 5/5
Also its been a lot of fun voice acting for you, thanks for the opportunity. Keep up the good work!

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Re: App Man Episode 3

As usual the story was great! The fight sequences could have used a little more movement, but otherwise I thought the animation was good. Fantastic series! mini/smile

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Great job! Looking forward to more.
One thing that you could work on a tad more is audio normalization. A few of the characters were much quieter than others. Other than that, great job!

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Re: App Man Episode 3

Wow, thanks for the excellent comments. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. It wasn't the easiest video to upload. Found out the other day that my upload speed is really low and it was going to take me almost an entire day to release this episode. I ended up having to split the video into segments and upload each one individually and then merge it back into one again. This did take a while, but thankfully, it worked. I'm glad you guys think I'm getting better and better with each episode. From the day I came up with the plot for episode 3, this was the one I was most excited about making.

@Rafael Thank you so much. It is such a pleasure to have you play the part of App Man. You have really brought this character to life throughout the series. I look forward to hearing you again for the conclusion mini/smile I am about half way through the script now and will send it as soon as I have finished.

@Rivvm m Sound design is still the biggest issue with my films. It seems to be a very difficult thing to control for me, because when I'm making the films everything sounds about level, and once I've uploaded it to YouTube, it suddenly becomes noticeable. I suppose the S&S competition is what I need to really focus on the sound design.

Re: App Man Episode 3

I'll be watching this in about an hour, if all goes well

UPDATE: Really awesome!  But I don't have time to comment just yet.  I will after work.

SECOND UPDATE: My comments are in!

Firstly, the writing is very good and the level of intrigue is increasing.  Plus, the complication with the reporter adds to the tension.  I was hoping to see more app-cellphone related allusions.  I loved the episode 2 device where the buffering symbol was used to hypnotize, and a bit more humor to break up the high tension.

There were interesting uses of non-Lego elements, too, such as rubber bands as rope.  I also saw competing companies' bricks.  Some of the set designs are innovative.

I liked the fight scenes and didn't think they were as bad as a previous commenter stated.  I saw how some of it was in two dimensions for a bit, but it didn't detract at all.

All in all, the writing was grest, the animation was nicely detailed, the special effects were well-done.  The voice acting was excellent, and you have some of the field's best, including my personal favorite, Mary Charles.  She (and Jay Silver) bring the characters to life.  The voice talents' names were barely int eh credits for a second, and it should be longer because they really make the characters who they are and deserve the recognition.  Also, some of the mouth movements looked a bit CGI and I'd personally use a different fornt for the computer letters, but that's all the criticism I have fro this series, which has a cliffhanger at just the right moment to make the viewer want more.  Hopefully the end of this story arc doesn't end the adventures of App Man.  Great job on a series that keeps getting better!

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Re: App Man Episode 3

Are you going to wait till after summer to do #4?  And enter S&S?

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Re: App Man Episode 3

Yes. I started animating my entry yesterday and will start work on episode 4 once I've finished. I will probably release ep 4 some time around October/November.