Topic: Notice regarding chat room safety! (PLEASE READ)

Recently it has been brought to my attention that an unidentified user has been entering the Bricks in Motion chat room, masked via Tor.

I respect peoples' privacy and am generally not one to make the nothing to hide argument, but the fact remains that we can't trace or identify people accessing the site through Tor, and one should not be using that chat room for purposes that would require masking, so I'm not comfortable having somebody chatting in our chatroom via Tor and wanted you all to know about it. This person has refused to identify himself over the past couple of weeks and made claims that appear to be false about how he found the channel.

This is probably not a big deal but I felt obliged to let you all know. Just keep in mind the same general advice you always should on the Internet: don't give out personal information to anonymous strangers on the Internet. Unless it's something like a site staff member asking for shipping info for a contest prize, there just isn't a reason to be giving out details like your address, images of yourself, or other things like that.

Re: Notice regarding chat room safety! (PLEASE READ)

Major bump.
Is this person still around? If not, when was the last time he was seen?

Re: Notice regarding chat room safety! (PLEASE READ)

No, he hasn't returned since around the time Smeagol made this post.

Regardless of whether there's currently someone running around about whom staff members have expressed concern, a good rule of thumb in chat (especially if you aren't an adult) is to never give anyone your personal information. On the internet, you don't really know who the people you're talking to are on the other end of the wire, so it's safest not to assume they will always be good folks.

Re: Notice regarding chat room safety! (PLEASE READ)

Looks like my almost finished video on cyber safety is going to be very relevant right now mini/wink

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