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Diaries in the West - Pete


My entry for this years Steinerei (german brickfilm festival). The topic was "absurdity".
English subtitles are available.

I look forward to your comments. :-)

Hope you enjoy :-)

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That was strangely appealing. The animation was good, set design was also good (nice job on the roofs), the rest of the stuff was good. I don't really know what was going on, but I liked it. You captured the essence of the topic well. mini/smile

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Re: Diaries in the West - Pete

This was really great! The animation was solid throughout, and, the Saloon interior was especially fantastic. The voice acting and sound effects were equally on par, and the story, while simple, did resolve rather nicely; especially with a theme of "absurdity."

I feel like the opening shot lingers for too long, though. In such a short brickfilm, one long uneventful cut like that kind of slows down the pacing. However...

Spoiler (click to read)

When the camera begins to follow the miner on the wagon, it really picked back up my interest! The set movement/camera movement is so flawless, the lighting seems to naturally follow along, and the shot as a whole really helps to settle the viewer into the fictional world you created within just the few opening minutes.

Overall, this is a great job! The animation is nice, the sets fit the setting, and overall, it's nicely compacted together. I'll look forward to more animations from you, Torben.

Re: Diaries in the West - Pete

Hey Rivvm m and Dyland,

thank you so much for your comments mini/bigsmile
There will be more diaries! mini/yes