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LegoMan has only ONE dream, do a split and be the BEST SPLITER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Be the spectator of this incredible attempt.

Some images can be not safe for epileptic

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Your link is broken it should be:

Btw the epileptic warning is justified...

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Oh yeah my bad !

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LOL. mini/lol  That was very nicely presented in the typical internet meme way. If that's the style you were going for, you definitely nailed it. That was an entertaining watch.

My profile picture is deep fried lol

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Well thank you first, I hope you "enjoyed" it ^^
I really enjoyed making this video but the style is not my favorite, even if I like epileptic montage (this is soft compare to what we can find on the web). However I hope you will see my other videos i am making right now, much more regular ^^

Thank you for sharing your feeling about this mini/sunnies

And sorry for my English mini/confused